Sunday, June 23, 2019

WSJ Article Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

WSJ Article Review - Essay Examplend ambition (Fairclough, 2009) in China represents purchasing power and the fittest customer profile that comprises Fords strategy in the country.mei, as the marketing executives coined this group, means beautiful in Chinese. According to the article, Mei is comprised of the twenty-something, college-educated single women (Fairclough). Furthermore, Mei earns 880 to $1,500 a month and wants her first gondola car (Fairclough).The point of view of the target market Mei is showcased by the individual answers of the members of the target market when asked about their lifestyle. Meis stance on dungeon and her view of herself is coined by these answers from the members of the target market.This article is very important to marketing management as it highlights the marketing practices of organizations. By showing certain organizations take the conjecture and put into real life situations, results can be evaluated afterward in order to strengthen the theor ies that the company has used.Targeting is shown in the article as the company chooses Mei and coins her into a certain group comprising the same demographics and psychographics which are likely to purchase the product. The logic of choosing the target market first, then probing their lifestyle and knowing them tumefy by dint of consumer research such as Fords immersion event is shown in relation to the crafting of appropriate marketing communications plan in order to build a position in the target markets mind.The article incorporates contemporary trends of marketing that links between consumer behavior through research, marketing strategy, branding and integrated marketing communication in fulfillment of a corporate objective for the company.The logic of the article can be traced hold to looking for the right target market, where Ford has chosen Mei. Then, by doing innovative consumer research such as the immersion event apart from the pluralistic researches that

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