Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Distribution of Justice in America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Distribution of Justice in America - Essay Example From the report it is clear that the consequence of the distribution and maldistribution of justice under the Bill of Rights to the corporation is the rise of the global corporate empires with vast powers. This causes a threat to the democracy of America and the entire well-being of every citizen of America. American corporations and globalization are echoed as the best hope for democracy and prosperity in America. Though, this is hindered by the huge size of global firms and markets, lack of accountability and single-minded profit making and seeking. This, therefore, fails to distribute justice fairly because of, domination of corporations with a deteriorating economy and financially deep instability. This, therefore, creates a dangerous planetary environment. As the discussion highlights distribution and maldistribution of justice in America also occurs through the racial justice, affirmative action. In the long awaited Fisher decision, the Supreme Court allowed the use of race pre ferences in college admissions as part of the program of affirmative action. In the early years, United States understood and practiced educational affirmative action in a more rectifactory way and justice oriented. Justice is maldistributed since in some colleges in America, only a certain race can be admitted and successfully complete their education. In the same colleges, maldistribution of justice does not only happen in admission, but also in hiring context.

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