Monday, November 25, 2019

barbarians essays

barbarians essays To the peoples of ancient Greece, and later, Rome, a barbarian was anyone who was not of their extraction or culture. Because most of these strangers regularly practiced raids upon these civilizations, the term barbarian gradually started meaning, a person who was uncivilized, and regularly practiced the most vile and inhuman acts imaginable. Barbarians cannot think or act rationally. Barbarians are incapable of living according to written laws and only reluctantly tolerating kings. Their lust for gold is great, their love of drink never-ending. Barbarians can easily mean without restraints. Barbarians are usually barefooted and dirty. Many times the term barbarian is often used to refer to a person considered to be less civilized than the person using the term. However, barbarians and cavemen differ because barbarians are capable human beings who were raised in savage environments. It is evident that the past barbarians were depicted as humans with a harsh, brutish and savage life. Attila and Ivan the terrible led lives that were surrounded by violence and brutish murders. The Huns were classified as ferocious Barbarians, they lived a harsh life and were said to be slashed on their faces upon birth. This was the life Attila was molded into, before five he learned the use of the bow and sword. He was trained to ride horses even before walking. Attila became leader of the Huns by killing his brother, he was a lover of war and was a terror to men. These are the attributes presented by a barbarian. Ivan the terrible lived his life as an orphan. He was crowned at 17 and given the Roman title Czar. Ivan led a brutish life and used his power to strengthen Russias stature in the world. He was a strong leader who brought terror upon his people. The lives led by such barbarians constitutes a human being in being classified as a barbarian. Can a civilized person be classified differently from a Barbarian? A journ...

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