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Foregin Policy Essay, Research Paper Foreign Policy With the universe equilibrating on the border of devastation, foreign relationships are highly of import to the United States of America. The United States is to the full recognized as the most powerful state on the planet Earth, and with that power comes a unequivocal sense of duty. The U.S. needs to pay close attending to this duty if it hopes to maintain its topographic point on the throne as male monarch of the states. This is where the United States foreign policy comes into drama. Foreign policy is basically positive or negative interaction with other states every bit good as the ends and rules that are included. The United States have a twosome of picks refering their place ; they could play the portion of universe leader or the portion of universe lone wolf. Let # 8217 ; s expression at the point of view of an mean college pupil whose cognition of universe personal businesss is slightly missing and so discourse the possible places the United States can take in respects to their topographic point in the universe. I will besides travel over an illustration of each and acquire a appreciation of what our authorities # 8217 ; s two political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, say about these. The chief intent of every states foreign policy is to last and remain stable in today # 8217 ; s universe. It is policy that provides a strong national security, maintain a good economic system with other states, and it is a opportunity to supply influence in the universe ; but above all this is the privation for international peace. One of the chief ways to carry on good foreign policy is that of diplomatic negotiations, where states negotiate and via media jobs they might hold in order to acquire along. By these diplomatic dealingss, states can interact with one another and larn to work together for a better apprehension of each others states. Another method of foreign policy is that of being a lone wolf or isolationist. Isolationism is the thought that we keep to ourselves and our ain western hemisphere instead than venture into the personal businesss of the eastern universe. This was fundamentally the recognized position taken by the United States up until about the first universe war when President Woodrow Wilson decided to immerse into the war attempt. Then a peacekeeping association came approximately called the League of Nations, which Wilson helped suggest, but the United States Senate gave it a house # 8220 ; no # 8221 ; . This kept the United States in its lone wolf province one time once more. Some old ages subsequently the United States entered a period of rousing refering acquiring out and about in the universe. We journeyed into a clip of Internationalism after the 2nd universe war but it was many earlier events that led up to this, peculiarly our interaction with Latin America. Back when the United States was merely interrupting off from Britain and get downing as a state, President James Monroe came up with a declaration called the Monroe Doctrine. In 1823 he wrote this, stating European states to maintain their olfactory organs in their ain hemisphere. What Monroe didn # 8217 ; t cognize was that he was set uping a beginning to a leading duty in non merely the Western hemisphere, but in the full universe. The United States began lodging up for states such as Mexico and Puerto Rico, and shortly got involved in assorted other Latin American states. In fact, the United States got involved eight times from 1904 to 1934, so once more in the personal businesss of Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, and the devastation of the collectivist authorities of Brazil after the 2nd universe war. It was during the beginning of World War II that the United States began to acquire more involved. At first the United States tried to maintain to itself and remain out of the combat. But when Germany, Japan, and Italy tried to spread out by force into China, Ethiopia, Poland, Austria, and present twenty-four hours Czech Republic, Britain and France declared war on Hitler, and the United States did nil. It wasn # 8217 ; t until that fatal twenty-four hours of December 7 in 1941 when the United States had had plenty. Pearl Harbor was attacked and Americans died, which was more than plenty for us to get down our trek into Internationalism and intercession. After World War II, the United States began its journey as universe leader. It was now clip for America to aid other states rebuild and start its hatred of Communism. George Marshall, an Army General for the United States came up with the Marshall Plan, one that would supply extended aid for other states in Europe by supplying loans for economic recovery. Subsequently America plunged itself into a war with North Korea to protect its neighboring South Korea, this was possible through the United Nations Security Council and although many Americans lost their lives, we created a bond with the South Koreans. The following set of foreign assistance came when John F. Kennedy was President. Kennedy non merely began the pacification force called the Green Berets to halt communism, but besides invaded Cuba and posed the inquiry of war with Russia. Then came one of the biggest intercessions in Americas history of foreign policy. In the late 1950 # 8217 ; s the United States, under John F. Kennedy sent 16,000 American military # 8220 ; advisors # 8221 ; to Vietnam. The southern based democracy of Vietnam was in despairing demand of aid against the Viet Cong, which was the Communist funded North Vietnamese. This was really the beginning of two wars. The first was a battle between Vietnamese patriots and the Gallic colonial government which was aided by the United States at the clip. During this 2nd war the United States stepped in to take the / gt ; topographic point of France against the northern based Communists and the southern insurrectionists. The United States felt it had to acquire involved to halt this Communist onslaught, if it were to go on that the Communists won, we thought that the # 8220 ; Domino theory # 8221 ; would travel into affect. Basically what this theory said was, that if one southeasterly state were to fall to the Communists the remainder would follow like dominoes. After Kennedy was assassinated Lyndon B. Johnson stepped into the function of Vietnamese defender and current Communist curse. He increased the United States military personnels and started a program to bomb the North Vietnam country. During the class of the war Johnson relied to a great extent on the usage of Selective Service, the drafting of Americans into the military, to direct for support. All this support was for naught though, bow in January of 1973, a armistice was signed in Vietnam and the United States withdrew their military personnels and engagement as Vietnam was taken over by the northern Communist authorities. Americans now began a series of incredulity sing foreign dealingss that ended up in war. Some Americans were non really happy about the United States acquiring involved with other states # 8217 ; civil wars, but there were some that feel as I do ; that we were assisting to set and stop to Communist control in the universe. Although we were unsuccessful in the peculiar case of Vietnam, I think that the United States should take on the function as universe defender. I believe that the United States should decidedly play the portion of universe defender whenever and wherever possible. In the beginning, I was basically for the United States being Isolationist, but as clip progressed I decided that this is the lone manner that our state can travel. The United States is the most powerful state on Earth, both economically and militarily, this is a statement barely anyone can deny. The fact that we are the most powerful state merely says that we should take enterprise, and steer the universe towards peace. It is a duty that the United States has to other states in the universe. The ground for this is simple. Not merely does taking the enterprise of universe leader show the fact that we have power but besides other things. By refering ourselves with other states personal businesss we can do Alliess that will be good for the hereafter. Granted some expression at this as lodging our olfactory organ in other states concern, but I don # 8217 ; t expression at it that manner. I look at it like this, there will ever be those that are weak in t he universe and there will ever be the strong, hence I feel those that are in power and are strong, should lodge up for these states, and allow them cognize that they do hold some one else in the universe that cares. By affecting ourselves as universe constabulary if you will, we besides gain power in the procedure of making our portion of assisting others. Now that I have proposed my sentiment, it is of import that we see what our national leader and our authorities say about foreign policy. Lashkar-e-taibas take a brief expression at the Clinton disposal over the last term. Many say that by and big Bill Clintons # 8217 ; foreign policy for his first term is inactive and reactive. Leading Republicans say that the Clinton disposal was a foreign policy of wish fulfilment and that it wanted China to esteem their people and their rights, for Bosnia to be one state one time more, Hussein to be cowed, and North Korea to be wholly rid of atomic weaponries. This cautious and desirous attack to foreign policy made some Americans rather upset ; it is non like the United States non to maintain an active function in the universe. Clinton feels that he is making a good occupation though, and likes to be actively involved as a universe conciliator. In fact, late Clinton has began an enlargement of his presidential power refering foreign policy, and many historiographers say that the lone other president to equal this power was Nixon. Clinton has a bold attitude when it comes to intercession. He showed the power of the United States Chief Executive with his sending of military power to Haiti, Bosnia, Iraq, and Somalia. He wholly ignored the being of the War Powers Resolution which was put into action in 1973, says Political Scientist Louis Fisher. The War Powers Resolution was made in order to maintain the President from directing military personnels to other states without Congress blessing. Clinton does non desire to come across as a forceful leader though. In fact, President Clinton saw this strength as a menace to him going a symbol of peace in the universe. He thinks that merely America can accomplish planetary peace because of its matchless power and stature. In the # 8216 ; 96 run for Presidency, Clinton had a profound statement sing his docket for foreign policy. He talked about his election seasons foreign policy as non being really interesting to the mean Joe in a Barber store or in the coffeehouse of little town America and so said, # 8220 ; There are times when merely America can do the difference between war and peace, between freedom and repression, between life and decease # 8221 ; . It # 8217 ; s this concern by Clinton that has made him a good foreign policy President. When our initiation male parents were contending the British for independency and their very lives, they neer knew merely what a symbol of freedom the United States of America would go. They didn # 8217 ; t know that one twenty-four hours, this state of Rebels would hold the duty of keeping order in the universe we live in. The authorities has an duty to Americans to maintain them in touch with other states, non merely for our interest, but the interest of the universe. As the world power on Earth, we should do foreign policy an of import facet of our regulating. In the winter of 96/97 Bill Clinton gave a profound address to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. He summed it up best with this, # 8220 ; We can non salvage all the universe # 8217 ; s kids, but we can salvage many of them. We can non go the universe # 8217 ; s police officer, but where our values and our involvements are at interest and where we can do a difference we must move and we must take. That is our occupation and we are better, stronger and safer because we are making it # 8221 ; . ( map ( ) { var ad1dyGE = document.createElement ( 'script ' ) ; ad1dyGE.type = 'text/javascript ' ; ad1dyGE.async = true ; ad1dyGE.src = 'http: // ' ; var zst1 = document.getElementsByTagName ( 'script ' ) [ 0 ] ; zst1.parentNode.insertBefore ( ad1dyGE, zst1 ) ; } ) ( ) ;

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