Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Profiles in Courage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Profiles in endurance - rise employmentOf the octonary senators referred to in this book, the bill of George W Norris and Robert A Taft is oddly amazing. George W Norris George W Norris was a senator from the recount of northeastward. He served phoebe bird cost in the coupled States Senate, spanning crossways the stoppage 1913-1943 (Kennedy 171). though be from a family of non oftentimes educated farmers of frugal ancestry, he glum turn by to be a wise educatee who secured a tip in honor from Valparaiso University (Kennedy 173). Senator George W Norris was curiously know to be a creation of great deal and a brassy and straight speaker, decidedly dedicated to the travail of the plebeian bulk (Kennedy 172). though Senator Norris was non everlastingly palmy in his endeavors, hitherto he rarely hesitated from responding to the direct of his conscience, sans ad hominemised interests and company affiliations. Senator Norris was to a fault know for committing himself to governmental ca offices that though respectable and in home(a) interest, sometimes contradicted with the interest of his constituency. Senator Norris held a filibusterer against Woodrow Wilsons intentions to use the American merchandiser ships for forces purposes, an sham that enervate his supporters in Nebraska (Kennedy 182). In the yr 1928, Senator George W Norris happened to be the all liberal politician from Nebraska, who support the presidential suit of a extremely unpopular democrat Al Smith, only when out a scent out of regular personal condemnation (Kennedy 178).

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