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Debut albums Essay Example

Debut albums Essay Example Debut albums Essay Debut albums Essay Essay Topic: The Secret Life Of Bees Life neverseems to be the waywe want it butwe have to liveit the bestwaywecan! There isnoperfectlife. but we can make full it with PERFECT MOMENTS HOPE A ; END R ever at that place for everyone! Depends on us how we deal with them. . A Hopeless End! or An ENDLESS HOPE! The joy that u give to othersis 500 joy thatflows backinto ur life! A happy bosom makes a cheerful face! May all ur yearss b every bit lovely as ur bosom Destiny Is No Matter Of Chance. It Is A Matter Of Choice. It Is Not A Thing To Be Waited For. It Is A Thing To Be Achieved. When there is confusion between your bosom and head. Don`t listen to your head because head knows everything But your bosom knows merely U. The difference between a successful individual And others is non a deficiency of strength. Not a deficiency of cognition Rather deficiency of will. Success isn`t key 2 felicity. . but felicity is 500 cardinal 2 success†¦ . so keep yourself happy 2 B happy A ; successful. . We Will Open The Book. Its Pages Are Blank We Are Traveling To Put Wordss On Them Ourselves The Book Is Called OPPORTUNITY . Each Of Us Makes Our Own Weather Determines The Color Of The Skies In The Emotional Universe Which We Inhabit. Don`t Think About What You Have Got†¦ Think About How To Use It That You Have Got†¦ A paper winging in air isdue to its fortune buta bird is winging due to its attempt. So if fortune is non with u. attempts are ever at that place to back up U Hard-work is like stepss and fortune is like lift. Sometimes lift may neglect but stepss will ever take you to the top. Have a successful life. Fallen flowers can non mount back. So do non believe about the yesteryear. Love the Present. Live for the Future. with a beautiful A ; sweet Smile. ? Every adult male has in himself a continent of undiscovered character†¦ Happy is he who acts as the `COLUMBUS` to his ain soul†¦ . Beautiful Message by Mother Teresa: If you can non love a individual whom you see. so how can you love GOD whom you have neer seen Experiences are like moving ridges. They come to u on shore of life. Drag the sand from beneath your pess. But each moving ridge makes u stand on a new base. If you worry about a problem it becomes dual but when u smiling at it. itdisappears like a bubble so ever smile atyour job. maintain smiling If people around you. are seeking to draw you down. Be proud about it. B`coz it merely means one thing that: YOU ARE ABOVE THEM sugariness in your address endowment in your head love in your bosom peace in your eyes strength in your custodies A ; I wish ever victoryin your life Persistence Is The Twin Sister Of Excellence One Is A Matter Of Quality The Other A Matter Of Time †¦ Work For A Cause Not For Applause Live Life To Express Not To Impress Don`t Strive To Make our Presence Noticed Just Make Your Absence Felt. Luck is likesand in custodies. Itwill sneak outthrough fingers. no matergripped steadfastly or heldloosely. Merely hands inthe praying position can salvage it It is better to shout than to be angry. because choler hurts others while cryings flow mutely threw the psyche and cleanses the bosom. . Make Good to Everyone Without Expecting Much. . As an old adage says: -Some Fragrance ever remains in HANDS of Those who Distribute ROSE. . ! An Airplane is Always Safe at GroundBut It`s non Made for That. So Always Take Some Meaningful Risks in Life to Achieve Great Pleasure†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ . Very true line When nails grow long we cut nails. non our fingers. Similarly wn misinterpretations grow up. cut ur self-importance non ur relation! Simple line but great significance Empty Pockets teaches million things in life But. Full Pockets spoil`s you in million ways. Personality is: Who we are and what we do when everybody is watching. . ! Fictional character is: Who we are and what we do when Cipher is watching. Frogs had competition to Reach Top of Hill. AllFrogs shouted. Its Impossible. But 1 Frog Reachedthe Top How? He wasDeaf Be DEAF toNEGATIVE Words A Valuable Lesson that A Traffic Signal Teach Us: Every Problem is like a Red Signal. If we Wait for Some Time. It will Turn Green. Power and money are fantastic beginnings if they remain in pocket but they are awful Masterss once they enter the caput. Every small smiling can touch somebody`s bosom. No 1 is born happy. But all of us are born with the ability to make felicity. Always be hpy Silence is the fencing around wisdom! If your pes faux pass. U can ever recover your balance. But if your lingua faux pass. Uracil can neer remember the words Past is Waste Paper. Present is News Paper. Future is Question Paper. Life is Answer Paper. So. Care to the full Read A ; Write it and bask life! Every job in life has a gift indoors. . So don`t get upset when you face job. It may hold more beautiful stoping than your outlook. Don`t call over what is gone. Smile about what remains. No affair whats lost. You can still ever find value in what is left. ! A Victorious Horse doesn`t know what is wining. He merely runs in hurting given by his rider. So whenever Ur in hurting. believe that God wants u to win. All birds find shelter during a rain. But Eagle avoids rain by winging above the Clouds. Problems r common. but attitude makes the difference We think there is eternal clip to populate. But we neer know which minute is last So portion attention. . Love and observe every minute of LIFE. Comparison is The Best Manner to Judge Our Advancement. But Not With Others. Compare ur Yesterday With Ur Today To Get The Best Consequences. Definition of Human Being by A Philosopher: A Animal That Cuts Trees. A ; Makes Paper. A ; On Those Documents They Writes SAVE TREES Every successful individual has a painful narrative. Every painful narrative has a successful stoping. Accept the hurting A ; acquire ready to success. Great Idea: When we cant laugh once more on the same gag. so why do we shout once more and once more for the one and the same hurting. BEST LINES: Dont read success narratives. You will acquire merely message. Read failure narratives. You will acquire some thoughts to acquire success. There is ever a hope and an terminal. It depends on us how we deal with them. We can look at it as a hopeless terminal. or an Endless Hope. Life neer turns the manner we want. But we live it in the best manner we can. There`s no perfect life. But we can Fill it with perfect minutes Mistake increase your experience and experience lessening your errors You learn from errors While the other learn from your sucsess. Life is Better When You`re Happy But Life is At its Best When Other Peoples Are Happy Because Of U. Be Inspired. Give Peace. . And Share Smile. You Can`t Bringing Back The Past. For It is All Gone. All You Can Make is Let Go. Move on. and Make Better Memories For The Future. Feelingss are like moving ridges. We can`t halt them from coming. But we can take which 1 to surf. It`s a beautiful balmy twenty-four hours! Think about this: There are about 8 billion people on Earth. and you are traveling to allow merely ONE individual to destroy your twenty-four hours? Have a fantastic twenty-four hours! ! Sometimes you got ta do more than sway the boat. Sometimes†¦ you got ta leap in caput foremost and do some moving ridges. . It`s a beautiful twenty-four hours! Plant around you today the SEEDS of Optimism and Kindness. . and tomorrow you can harvest its FRUITS of Love and Happiness†¦ appy weekend! STRENGTH doesn`t come from what you can Make It comes from OVER COMING the THINGS you Once THOUGHT you COULDN`T. Have a great twenty-four hours! Surround yourself with people who are traveling to raise u HIGHER! Life is already filled with those whowant to convey u down to your articulatio genuss. There areno random Acts of the Apostless. Weare all connected. Ucan no more separateone life from anotherthan Us can divide a breezefrom the air current. God Bless Us Having Lips. and non usingthem to smile. is like holding. A million dollars in the bankand burying theaccount figure. SMILEand have a hpy twenty-four hours! To respect people who are HIGHER than u. it`s ORDINARY. To esteem people who are LOWER than u. it`s EXTRA ordinary. Sometimes you got Tas shut up. get down your pride and accept that you re incorrect. It`s non giving up. it`s called turning up. When Iis replaced by WE . . Even ILLNESS turns into WELLNESS. Have a happy weekend! U Better Live Ur Best and Act your Best 2day For today Is The Certain Preparation For Tomorrows and All Other Tomorrow That Follow It is non because things are hard that we do non make bold. it is because we do non make bold that they are hard. The mindis like a clock Thatis invariably running down. It has to be woundUp day-to-day with good ideas. Don`t go throughlife. Turn through life Anything is more of import When U can non acquire it. When U can acquire it This is less of import for u. This is nature of every homo. If your actions inspire others to woolgather more. larn more. make more and go more. you are a leader. Every bad state of affairss have something positive. . Even a stopped clock is right twice a twenty-four hours. Logic Of Time When Time Never Stops For Us. Then Why Do We Always Wait For The Right Time. . ? No Time Is Incorrect To Make The Right Thing. ! Waves Are Inspiring. Not Because They Rise And Fall. But Because They Never Fail To Rise Again. Have A Rising Day. An Inspiring Fact: If You Can Still Smile When you are Wholly Broken Up. Then There Can be Nothing That Can Break you Following Time! A Lifetime Inspiring Thought Always Try Your Best To Get Whatever You Love. . Otherwise You Will Be Forced To Love Whatever You Get. . Sucess does non depend on doing of import determinations rapidly. but depends on your speedy actions on of import determinations. Forget Past Failures! Focus on the NOW and What needs to be done today to assist you accomplish your dreams! When you are following your energy and making what you want all the clip. the differentiation between work and play dissolves. When unexpectd state of affairss come in forepart of you. what does it intend. . ? It means that you are Traveling Ahead Faster than you expectd. . ! Great motivational words written on the entryway of an American university. . I know I am something. because God doesnt create refuse. ! Every Morning Get Up `n Look Through The List Of Richest People In The World. If Your Name Is Not There. Please Go To Work! Learn to face your frights head on because sometimes what you fear is non even worth your fright. God has given you what it takes to accomplish all your purposes in Life. Therefore put into action your attempt foremost befor u think about a miracle. I want to be the greatest of me. For this is all I can make. It is my wish that you promise me this. you be the greatest of you. ! A Stone is broken by the last shot. This doesn`t mean 1st shot was useless. Success is a consequence of continues Daily Effor. ! Waiting to win is common to all. But working to win is manner of a title-holder! Be a Champion and win the universe! ! A lamp doesnt speak. . It introduces itself through its visible radiation. . Achievers neer expose themselves. But their accomplishments expose them! Best ground for our failures We are anticipating ORANGE by standing under a MANGO tree! So We should alter Either our outlook or tree. ! When you`re following your energy `n making what you want all the clip. the differentiation between work and play dissolves. ! In The CAMERA Of Your Mind. Load The ROLL Of Your Good Thoughts. . Press The BUTTON Of Your Hard Work. . `n Get The Photo Of Your Success. Confidence Helps To Put Some Aim. . But. Self Confidence Helps To Achieve That Aim. So. Never Lose Your Self Confidence. . ! If You Are Successful You Will Win Some False Friends And Some True Enemies Succeed Anyhow Be Like A Dolphin. Even Though There Are Dangerous Sharks Arround That In The Ocean. It Simply Enjoys The Swimming`n Celebrates On Its Own. . ! Victory Is Not The Property Of Brilliants. . It Is The Crown For Those Who Bow Themselves In Front Of Hard Work `n Confidence When Flood Comes Fish Eat Ants When Flood Goes Down Ants Eat Fish Time Matters. . GOD Gives Opportunity To Everyone. Negative Thinking IsAs Important AsCreativeThinking. BecauseIf Creative Thinking Invents Aeroplane. Then Negative Thinking Invents Parachute. Umbrella cant halt Rain but make us 2 Stand in Rain. . Assurance May Not Bring Success But It Gives Power To Face Any challenge. ! Whatever we do. We Must Always Remember Our Aim. If You Want To Fly With EAGLES. Don`t Swim With DUCKS. TIME Is A Rare LuxuryWhich Can Never Be Purchased At Any Cost. So when. Person Spends it For U. It defines the deepness of attention One Has For you. ! A Soft Nature Of A Person Doesn`t Mean Weakness. . Remember. . Nothing Is Softer Than Water. . But Its Force Can Break The Strongest Of Rock. ! Nice one: If You Love Someone. Be Brave Enough To State Them. . Otherwise Be Brave Enough To Watch Them To Be Loved By Person Else. . ? Amazing Lines: Live Well `n Happily. Its The Best Retaliation To Those Who Have Hurt You n Avoided You . ! Without traversing the worst state of affairss. No 1 can touch the best corners of life. Dare to confront any state of affairs. Try Hard to Achieve high in Life. It Is Always Good To CompromiseOnly When The Other Side Understands Your Feelingss. But Its Not Good To BendSo Much That u Lose Your Being Respect Those Who Find Time For You In Their Busy Schedule. . But Really Love Those Who Never See Their Schedule. . When You Need Them. ! Best Attitude For Life: My Pain May Be The Reason For Somebody`s Laugh But My Laugh Must Never Be The Reason For Somebody`s Pain. ! We may non Achieve Everything that we Dream. But We will non Achieve Anything unless we Dream. . ! ! Night is longer than twenty-four hours for those who dream `n Day is longer than dark for those who make their Dreams come true. Really Nice Lines†¦ Never take the Help Of Tears to Show Your Emotions. . `n Never Take the Help Of Words to Show Your Anger . . ! When the Mirror of LIFEGets Dirty with the Fog of Reality. Try Wiping it out with Your FAITH. You Can See the Clear Reflection Of Your Dream: ) Making memorable minutes forYourself is non a large thing. But. You being the cardinal individual in others memorable minutes is an ageless thing. . ! ! Journey of Life Is Exciting when You challenge Your ain Weakness. . Sometimes Your Enemy Teaches You Better Than Your Friends. ! I hated every minute of Training. but I Said don`t Quit. Suffer now `n Live the remainder of Your Life as a Champion LIFE is really similar to a Boxing Ring. . DEFEAT is non declared When you fall DOWN. . It`s declared when You REFUSE to Get Up. . ! ! No Matter How Many Times The Teeth Bite The Tongue. They Still Stay Together In One Mouth. That`s The Spirit Of FORGIVENESS. . ! If your caput Tells u onething andyour hearttells u another ; before Us do anything. Decide foremost whether U have a betterhead or a better heart Nice Stating from aBroken HeartI`ll ContinueMy LoveEven IfMy Love Fails`Coz. Howwould I hate the heartwhich made me toLove more than My Life I Knows That A Lot of People Hate Me. Because I am Bad. But. Few Peoples Surely Love Me. Because They Know That My Little Goodness Is Not Fake. . Never keep your caput high with pride or self-importance. Remember. Even the victor of a gold decoration gets his decoration merely when he puts his caput down ? Living entirely is truly better than life with bogus people. who hate you but move like loving you. Great Thought: When we cant laugh once more on the same gag. so why do we shout once more and once more for the one and the same hurting. Without Tasting The Worst Situation. No One Can Taste The Best Thing Of Life. . . . Dare To Face Anything in Your Mysterious Life Don`t Think About What You Have Go†¦ . Think About How To Use It That You Have Got†¦ . A paper flyingin air is due to its fortune but a birdis winging due to its attempt. So if luck isnot with u. attempts arealways at that place to back up U Nothing is predestination. the obstructions of your yesteryear can go the gateways that leads to the new beginnings. Life Will Never Provide Warranties and Guarantees It Can Only Provide Possibilities and Opportunities To Convert Them intosuccess! ! ! Without forgiveness life is governed by an eternal rhythm of bitterness and revenge. Never tell people how to make things. State them what to make and they will surprise you with their inventiveness. Management cardinal for success. if you don`t like any regulation. Merely follow it. make the top And alter the regulation. Life is at its weakest When There`s more Doubt than trust But Life is at its strongest When you learn How to swear In malice of The uncertainties. Erasers are for people who make mistakes. But a better expression: Erasers are for people willing to rectify their errors. Do non do your purpose like the garden because everyone walk on it But do your purpose like the sky so everyone want to touch it. There are merely two Thingss you have to Do in life. . You have to dice. . And You have to live Until you die. . You make up All the rest†¦ . . The power is detested. and miserable the life. of him who wishes to be feared instead than to be loved. TRY is a little word that can do a Big Difference. . If we TRY. we merely RISK FAILURE. But if we dont TRY so we ENSURE FAILURE. Comparsion is the best manner to judge our advancement. . But non with others. . Compare Your Yesterday with your Today. . Some things you have to make every twenty-four hours. Eating seven apples on Saturday dark alternatively of one a twenty-four hours merely isn`t traveling to acquire the occupation done. Yesterday I was Clever. So. I wanted to Change the World. But Today I am Wise. So I am Changing Myself. . It is better to merit honours And non hold them than To hold them and non merit them. Success isn`t a affair of being 500 best nd winning vitamin D race. Success is a affair of managing vitamin D worst neodymium still completing 500 race. A sundown here is a Dawn on the other terminal of the worldWe must NEVER give up. BecauseWhat appears to be theend may really be aNew Get downing The head is like a clockThat is invariably running down. It hasto be woundUp day-to-day with goodthoughts. Don`t go through life. Grow through life Anything is more of import When you can non acquire it. When you can acquire it This is less of import for you. This is nature of every homo. If your actions inspire others to woolgather more. larn more. make more and go more. you are a leader. The Most Deciding neodymium Motivating Sentence Which should Always Be Followed In Life. The Race is non Over Because I Haven`t WON Yet A Child onFarm Sees PlaneFly Overhead. AndDreams of a FarAway Place. The Pilot on The Plane SeesThe Farmhouse. AndDreams ofHis Home. That`s Life A mountain is non higher than our assurance it will be under our feets. if we reach the top†¦ Coins ever make sound but The currency notes are ever soundless. So. when your value increases Keep yourself unagitated and soundless. When u feel depressed. confused or hurt. Don`t worry stand in forepart of a mirror. U will happen the best one to work out your job. Trust Yourself! Honey bees must tap two 100 flowers To do one bead of honey. . Remember: The sweetest wages comes from the hardest battle. . The basic difference between God and Human. . God ; gives. gives. gives and 4gives. Human ; GETS. gets. gets and 4gets. Everybody is weak. Everybody fails. Bing strong is contending. It`s difficult and it`s painful and It`s every twenty-four hours. It`s what we have to make. When you believe†¦ something can be done. your head will happen the ways to make it. Believing in a solution paves the manner to a solution! ! To happen what you seek in the route of life. the best adage of all is that which says: Leave no rock unturned. Peoples frequently say that Motivation doesn`t last. Well. neither does bathing – That`s why we recommend it daily. Luckey is who get the chance Brilliant is who creates da oppertunity Winner is who uses the chance Have A Great Day! Best Of LucK. Life is excessively short. If we work Good. Or If we work Bad. In 2 instances life will stop. So if we work good than we are died peacefully. Whenever you see a successful individual you see the public glorifications. neer see the private forfeits to make them†¦ We must halt presuming that a thing which has neer been done before likely can non be done at all. I know I`m Something. Because Go doesn`t Create Garbage†¦ Words written on the Entrance of An American University†¦ . . Can we make woo in the eventide today? I`m in a good temper Just a small spot of snoging and seize with teething Reply me shortly! Urs fondly MOSQUITO Maturity is achieved when a individual postpones immediate pleasances for long-run values. Do non restrict your challenges Challenge your bounds. Born with personality is an accident. BUT Dying as a personality is an accomplishment. MY Manner OF LIFE. Peoples Laugh Because I am Different. And one Laugh Because They Are All the Same. Thats Called`ATTITUDE` . LIVE IT YOUR OWN WAY Born with the personality is an Accident. But To decease as a `Personality is an Achievement` . . Achieve the best in youe Life! ! Old construct: Do or Die New construct: Do b4 u die Latest construct: Don`t dice. until u do . Champions aren`t made in the gym. Champions are made from something They have deep inside a Desire. a Dream. a Vision. Take the first measure in FAITH you don`t have to see the whole stairway merely take the first measure The ultimate step of a adult male is non where he stands in minutes of comfort. but where he stands at times of challenge and contention. Life is a great travel trip. . Problem is that it doesnt come with a map. We`ve to seek our ain ways to make the Destinations. . ! Now the World is going a Bad Place to Populate In. . Not because of Bad People. . But Due to Silence of the Good Peoples. . Have a Peaceful Day. . Always have a alone character like salt. It`s presence is non felt But it`s absence makes all things tasteless. Golden words If Peoples Around You Are Trying to Pull You Down. Be Proud of It! It Merely Means One Thing. That You Are Above Them. The whole secret of a successful life Is to happen out what is one`s fate to make. And so make it. Never hold yourself entirely responsible for any bad luck in life because no individual raindrop is neer entirely responsible for any inundation. Never alter your originality For the interest of others. Because no 1 can play your function Better than you. So be yourself. You are the best. The art of acquiring person else to make something you want done because he wants to make it. The boundaries which divide life from decease are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall state where one ends. and the other Begins? It is difficult to neglect. But it is worse neer to hold tried to win. Winners believe that they create their ain fortune by their actions ; also-rans believe in good and bad fortune. The significance of a adult male Is non in What he attains But In what He longs to achieve. A antic quotation mark for life: Satisfy the individual who expects from U. Rather than surprising the individual who neer expects anything. Above all. dispute yourself. You may good surprise yourself at what strengths you have. What you can carry through. When you retrieve how difficult it is to alter yourself. You begin to understand what small opportunity we have of altering others. Look at the Clock when u R sitting merely. But Never Look at Clock When U R working. The Hard Reality of Life is that. . When u demand ADVICE. Everyone is ready to Help You. . But When u demand HELP. Everyone is Ready toADVISE You. Failure is the lone chance to get down the same work with more intelligency. . A good program of today is better than a great program of tomorrow. Look backward with satisfaction A ; look frontward with assurance. If you want to bask anything. ever think today is the first twenty-four hours But If you want to accomplish anything ever think today is the last twenty-four hours. In each individual twenty-four hours we smile and laugh so many times. We neer thank Allah afterevery smiling but wedo incrimination complain Him for every tear we cry Once a wise adult male was asked: What is intending of life? ? He said: Life itself has no significance. life is an chance to make a significance. . Life is excessively short. To Kiss Slowly. Laugh Insanely. Love Truly and Forgive Quickly †¦ Never plan your character like a garden. Where anyone can walk. Plan your character like the sky. Where everyone candesire to make Hitler Life is Better When You`re Happy But Life is At its Best When Other Peoples Are Happy Because Of U. . Be Inspired. . Give Peace. . And Share Smile You Can`t Bring Back The Past. For It is All Gone. All You Can Make is Let Go. Move on. and Make Better Memories For The Future. Take a sweet smiling when you are insulted. Sometimes. a smiling is adequate to do them repent with their words. It is better to be admired than to be popular. Strive to be better yourself. and non to delight others If You Don`t Believe In Miracles. Possibly You`ve Forgotten You Are One ; ) Have A Happy Weekend! Enjoy! : -* There comes a clip when you have to halt retrieving your errors and travel on. No declinations in life. merely lessons. You can non ever wait for the perfect clip. sometimes you must make bold to leap. Have a great twenty-four hours! If people make you experience that you are less needful. learn to make this: Keep DISTANCE The 1 that angers you controls you. Don`t give anyone that power! particularly the 1 who does it deliberately. ? Have an exceeding twenty-four hours Never apologize for stating what you feel†¦ . That`s like stating sorry for being REAL. One prevarication is all it takes for person to lose involvement in you. It`s ever best to be upfront. staying existent and to state the truth Don`t point out other people`s defects because you`re non perfect. You have to look in the mirror before you can look out the window. A lingua has no castanetss but it can ache someone`s feelings. So ever be concious and be wise on what you`ll say. A mountain is non higher than your assurance. . for it will be under your pess when you reach the top. . Have a cool twenty-four hours! Hot caputs and cold Black Marias can neer work out anything. Scarcity is numbering the figure of seeds in an apple. Abundance is contemplating the figure of apples in a seed. May U have an abundant life! Our life is filled with a promiseof beautiful experiences. but merely if westop and notice all the small things thatmake up the whole image. A valuable lesson that a traffic signal Teachs us: Every job is like a Red Signal. If you wait for some clip. it will Turn Green. REJECTIONS has a utile intent that is. for us to larn either to alter ourselves for the better or to warrant who we are. Happiness is like a rainbow. Sometimes we can merely see it after weve shed adequate cryings in our cloudy yearss. May you find happiness every twenty-four hours! HOPE is the small voice you hear whisper maybe when it seems the full universe is shouting no. Never lose hope. Have a great twenty-four hours! Alternatively of wishing you were person else. be proud of who you are. you neer know whose been looking at you and wishing they could be YOU. aLways try 2 be happy watever Lyf brings. . retrieve dat evry 60 sec0nds u spend in being upset is a minute of felicity U can nver acquire back. In this universe some people will throw rocks in your way. It depends on you what you make from them. A WALL or A BRIDGE! Forget about the universe Failure. If you`re ever larning new things. you`re ever winning in life. Have a cool twenty-four hours! Do non take down your criterions to maintain anyone. Make them run into you at your degree. Self-respect is your power. The 3 C`s of Life: Choices. Opportunities. Changes. You must do a Choice to take a Chance or your life will neer Change. Everything that u losehas it`s ownway of returning back to u. the funnything is. it`s non ever the manner u expect it. Sometimes it`even more. Those who danced were thought to be rather insane by those who could non hear the music. Show the universe you ROCK! Have a fantastic twenty-four hours! HATING people takes excessively much clip. Forgive them. non because they deserve it but because you are on a HIGHER degree than they are. Don`t accuse unless you are able to PROVE and don`t incrimination unless you are able to FORGIVE and don`t forgive unless you are able to FORGET. Don`t confound your way with your finish. Just because it`s stormy now doesn`t mean you aren`t headed for sunlight. God bless us all! Life islike a camera. Focus onwhat`s of import. capturethe good times. develop from the negatives and if thingsdon`t work. justtake another shooting.

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