Saturday, October 19, 2019

Unit 2 module Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Unit 2 module - Assignment Example The opposite is true in the case of unfavorable variance, where the amount set aside in the budget is less than the actual expenses to get met. For this case, the organization will experience budget deficit, and some items in the budget will get forgone or postponed unless borrowing or further funding get undertaken by the firm. c) Some variances are usually nil or zero. This arises from the accurate budget estimation done by the organization. Favorable and unfavorable variances often result from an organization’s lack of the exact projection or rather forecasting on the accrual expense in its various variables, both patient and non-patient revenues. Other also arises from an organization’s failure to give the estimate on the exact value of the expenses, both personal and non-personal, and the income over or under expenses. d) The possible primary cause of favorable variance is the organizations overestimation on the actual price of the particular variable. It can also arise as fall in the future price or cost of the particular variable, such that relatively the budgeted value is higher than the real value. As a result of this, the estimated value exceeds the actual value leading to a positive difference, which, in this case, is the favorable variance. The possible primary cause of unfavorable variance is underestimation of the real future price of the particular variable, for example, net salaries and wages. The other possible cause is the increase in the future price or cost of the particular variable, such that the budgeted value is relatively lesser than the actual value. For these two cases, the amount set aside for the budget ends up getting lower than the real value of the variable, hence a negative difference, which results in unfavorable variances. e) Positive variances are always favorable. This

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