Saturday, August 24, 2019

File Sharing & Social Media Security Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

File Sharing & Social Media Security - Assignment Example Data can either be collected directly from the customer or through the services offered to the customers. The information can be used to evaluate the eligibility of the customers for various services, participation of customers in various corporate events, for consistency with the law and for improvement of the services offered by the bank. Information cannot be shared outside the bank unless compelled under limited circumstances. Customers are protected from liability of unwarranted online transactions under the online risk free guarantee. These policies are updated from time to time. The Harvard Divinity School privacy policy can be accessed from The policy indicates that information is gathered when one applies or registers for a program with the institution, through cookies stored by their servers and from users’ communication. This information is used to tailor the website to the needs of the users, to improve their services, to generate reports and for research purposes. The institution bears no responsibility for cookies accessed by a third party to the information. The institution protects users against loss of information, misuse of data and alteration of the information. However, they do not give 100% guarantee to data safety. The policy changes from time to time. The Merchant privacy policy can be retrieved from It states that company collects information from browser information, forms and inquiries, gateway services and application of accounts with the company. They can share the information with a third party in order to improve their products and services. However, they do not sell any information to a third party but they can disclose it in order to comply with a legal process. They may use the email policy to

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