Sunday, August 25, 2019

W8 Exemption PT2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

W8 Exemption PT2 - Essay Example As such, it is crucial for one to understand the exact job that they would like to pursue and that is in line with their interests. Any person who wishes to pursue a lucrative career in this field has no alternative other than majoring in business management. It is both profitable and rewarding in so far as career fulfillment is concerned (Cronje & Du Toit, 2004). As a person with an undergraduate degree in business management, I am firmly convinced that the groundwork for my career in business management has been done. Consequently, it all falls back to me to pursue additional strategies that will guide my career paths within companies so that I can advance and move further upwards on the corporate ladder. In addition, this degree has offered me substantial knowledge and skills on starting, operating and running my own business portfolio. Essentially, there are several other dimensions I can choose to utilize the skills so far acquired in my undergraduate studies. This factor is rei nforced by the fact that management skills are needed virtually in all professions. For instance, engineering or healthcare sectors require a manager to run the day-to-day activities of their organizations. In general, professional engagement in business management equips one with skills of marketing and sales, interpersonal skills, co-ordination, personal relations, budget and finance, and security. In this vein, a student in this career must learn or enhance their qualities in aspects such as planning, organizing, leadership, communication, policy making and formulation, and staffing (Needle, 2010). Based on my experience in undergraduate studies, it is undeniable that a career in business calls for diligence and sufficient period of preparation. It demands specialized training for effective mastery of the various conditions that characterize the world of business. This training is offered in various universities through regular degree programs. In addition to the undergraduate de gree, a significant proportion of the graduates opt for an associate degree that takes a maximum of two years. This extra degree enhances their chances of joining the field of business management easily. However, there are other critical training programs offered by private organizations in this particular field. This is to simply imply that training grounds or avenues for business management are readily available. Whereas such training programs provide a quicker means for someone to venture into professional management fields, it is those who have gone through universities that are regarded as having an upper hand in terms of credibility (Magdaline, Place, & Baratz, 1998). My experience in the business management course has taught me a number of lessons, some of which are far-fetched from professional engagement. For instance, I have realized that any person who wishes to succeed in any profession must be willing to spend considerable time learning. In addition, just the same way b usiness studies have a branch referred to as business ethics, work life equally demands for solid work ethics. Several businesses are rolled out every year with the hope of clinching the most coveted top market positions. Unfortunately, not all of these entities manage to attain their goals. The big question that then begs for answers is what differentiates successful and unsuccessful businesses. According to findings

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