Friday, August 9, 2019

World Conflict Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

World Conflict - Essay Example on September 9, 2001 (now on the lips as 9/11 attack). As a part of the cold war going on, the soviets feared that Afghanistan was being eyed by the U.S. as a stand point from where it can threaten Soviet Union's mainland. Hence, reacting to this fear, the soviet army in 1979 moved with all the arms and ammunition into afghan land. The soviets were trying to force communism on the people of Afghanistan (in their bid to clear the region from any chance of it becoming U.S. military base that can pose threat to them. But the Afghans with America's support of heavy artillery and millions of dollar funding fought back. The financial help from America was to ensure that without its direct intervention, the afghan mujahideen (who have a historic track record of fighting continuously and fiercely till death for their homeland are well equipped against the technologically advanced soviet tanks and fighter planes. American troops were not involved in this war (Meher, page 122) The American support came in disguise through other Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan (Meher, page 199) etc because the direct intervention of America could trigger the next world war. The afghan jihads resisted the soviets well above the expectation of U.S. which was matching their performance with ever increasing million dollars each year. Now with the initial strong opening to the war from the Afghans, the next step was to make the war sustainable from Afghanistan side. For that to happen, more and more Muslim volunteer jihadis were required to pick up arms and fight. The funding helped to create madrassas (Muslim schools of Islam thought) which noticed Muslims turning up in large numbers and soon they were prepared with enough expertise to wage war. It was in these madrassas that Osama Bin Laden came to work as a volunteer in the war. Osama was Saudi national and with him brought big money as well and started helping the cause by working in construction purposes and in medical aid. The madrassas were established in the border region s between Pakistan and Afghanistan which in the future will give birth to "Taliban". Taliban and Al Qaeda were unitedly involved during post soviet war. And both became anti America after America withdrew funding and humanitarian aid. The soviets after suffering devastation and persistent resistance from the afghan fighters went into huge military losses of men and arms. At the end of war (May88), the soviets were defeated and they started their return (Wright, page 129) which was complete in 89. Afghanistan won with a major help from U.S. and the cold war ended with the fall of communism. Afghanistan victory brought happiness to common people who were the innocent victims in the war. However, immediately after the war the United States lost its interest in the region and avoided even any humanitarian policy toward the victims of soviet-afghan war and those of the civil war that followed because of lack of any established government rule. In result, lawlessness prevailed and whole o f the Afghanistan went into another fight, this time intra-nation. Seeing such an acrimonious act of denial, the people of Afghanistan and the

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