Friday, August 23, 2019

Outline and assess the different explanations of poverty in society Essay

Outline and assess the different explanations of poverty in society - Essay Example Moving further ahead, we need to outline and assess the exact manner as to why poverty exists in the society and what are the reasons for the same being within it as well. Poverty exists because there is a general feeling of helplessness within the society and more so, on those people who are at the helm of it. This means that poverty exists due to a certain reason – helplessness caused by greed and selfishness of other individuals who can bring about a change within the society but prefer to keep themselves at ease and in the process earn more and more with each passing day. Thus selfishness within the elites is surely one problem that brings to light the issue of poverty in front of one and all. Poverty can be minimized but not really finished since one catastrophe or the other on the face of the earth brings misery for the people under discussion and hence this leads to poverty which is basically fed upon them. However there are other reasons for poverty to exist within the society as well. Another point that is of significance here includes exploitation at all possible levels. It means that people who know work but do not have authority to properly market it are exploited upon and basically they get ‘used’ by others who are most definitely the people sitting at the top, at least on them. The hierarchy is thus set from top to bottom, where the top most man or woman is doing certain things which are asking for favors, though in the rightful sense for a cheap cost. It means that no matter how properly the job is done by the skillful labor, he would not be paid for his work which is in accordance with the natural justice. In fact he will be told to accept at a price which would be way below the mark in order to win future assignments of a similar nature. This entices the laborer to give in his best, but for a

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