Thursday, August 15, 2019

Letter to Home – History American Immigration

Mr. Iam Nobody 8 Howling Lane Hackney London E15 6PP United Kingdom Mr. Iam Nobody 8 Howling Lane Hackney London E15 6PP United Kingdom Dear Iam Nobody, Early today I arrived in Ellis Island, as you know I went via steamship which was crowded with all different kind of people from all different places. On the way there I was talking to a German man his name was Kurt even though he was German he spoke very good English I would even say he spoke better than me to a certain extent.When we finally arrived there they took us into the Baggage Room of the Main Building, winding its way up to the second floor where we were met by a team of doctors and inspectors who would decide which way the Golden Door would swing as they called it. Although many did not know it, I could see that the inspection process had already begun. Doctors Scanning the moving line for signs of illness, Public Health Service doctors looked to see if anyone wheezed, coughed, shuffled, or limped as they climbed the stee p ascent.There was another door which about 2/10 people went through I assumed that was the ‘unlucky door’ which meant people didn’t pass the health test. A few hours later I had passed my health test now and I said I would wait for Kurt to come through as he had no place to go and I was going to take him to Uncle Poe. Behold to me that was the last day I saw him; he must have failed the health test. So I carried on once I reached New York I quickly found that there was a lot of segregated area for different religions or nationality’s.When Uncle Poe picked me up he showed me to his diner where once again people segregated from each other blacks in one corner, Polish in another I thought this was madness as I thought one of the main reason why people immigrated to America was to escape discrimination. I will be working in Poe’s diner from now on and living above the diner. I’ve only been working there for a couple of days now there’s al ready been 3 fights and a multiple of hate speech’s and just down the road 2 Irish men were shot and robbed. It’s rough here so when I make enough money to move then you can immigrate over here. Sincerely, Tyler Wakefield.

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