Monday, August 19, 2019

Teens Must be Educated About the Consequences of Drinking :: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays

As binge drinking continues to increase every year so does the fatalities caused by car accidents, teen pregnancy, rape, and homicides. Obviously there is no way to completely stop binge drinking but if we could decrease the occurrence then we could make a difference. I strongly believe that in order to do this we need to make the consequences more severe. Teens get off too easily and that’s why they continue to drink irresponsibly. I also think that if teens knew about it before hand they would think twice about binge drinking. Billboards are a good way of sending out this message. If they appear on major highways with a catchy phrase or maybe even a picture of what could happen it would get people’s attention. I know that if I was to see what a fatal accident caused by alcohol can do to a person it would definitely affect me. There are always numbers under the billboard signs that you can call so you can make your own billboard and you can also look in the phone book. Many have already taken action on the subject by covering our highways with warnings about the consequences of drinking and with the holidays approaching the issue of teens drinking illegal is bound to increase. Billboards are seen by many people everyday and I think that one about a serious issue would make a huge difference. I believe that kids need to be informed about binge and underage drinking before hand. I would suggest that they be required to take a class about it in junior high and in high school. This way they are more educated on the outcomes of it and not that it’s just an adrenaline rush. The way I could spread the idea would be through flyers. Flyers are a real easy to make and with shocking information and real life stories and pictures I think the word will definitely get out. I could hand them out almost anywhere, such as the mall, a sporting event, at school, etc. the more that agree with my opinion the better the chances are of passing the law. And even if it doesn’t get passed it would at least get people thinking about it and maybe parents can inform their children about it before they get in a situation that is encouraging them to drink. There was recently a commercial on TV about a girl that got hit by a drunk driver.

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