Saturday, August 10, 2019

Is the cost of college too high Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Is the cost of college too high - Essay Example Since the economy is going down and that too at a considerable rate, there are many problems that need to be faced by the parents when it comes to giving in their best with regards to their kids’ study domains. The reason why the cost of college is too high is because the college expenses have increased in the recent years. There are the fiscal elements involved with college as well, whereby the books, stationery and all other student related affairs and connected with curricula has become expensive. This has meant that the students are being properly kept a check upon both by their parents as well as the college authorities who are bringing in more problems with each passing day. There are definitive problems that have come about with the passage of time, and all of these have basically brought about quite a level of distress within the minds of the parents as they have to pay for their children at the end of the day (Baptist, 2001). What is even more distressing is the fact that the cost of college has entailed within it the unexpected costs as well, which has included the entertainment fees, the different taxes and so on and so forth. All of these problems have come about within the worst possible times because now is the era where people are running after saving more and more money, yet what happens here is a totally different matter altogether. The cost of college has become a real problem as the tuition is a necessity in the times much like today since education demands quintessential significance. The uneducated and illiterate individuals cannot make it within the different life domains as has been proven time and again. The wealthy are self-sufficient and thus have no problems with the rising college tuition costs but it is the poor who are finding it hard to make both ends meet. It is a fact that something constructive within these ranks needs to be brought about and that too quickly. Probably the right thing would be to make college tuition fre e for all the kids or it could also be a possibility that the primary level education is targeted as being available at a nominal cost all over the country. Being rich must not help; being able to survive the tenacity which comes with attaining education is what is deemed more pertinent. College tuition brings a sense of understanding within the student that he can always find a support system within education. He can ask his teachers for that extra help which he is in dire need of (Redmon, 1999). The college tuition thus builds the much needed corrective system whereby once he fails within the educational domains, he can always stand up with the encouragement drawn from the education attained at the hands of the college tuition realms. Now if these regimes are expensive, your guess is as good as mine. The students would eventually back off from the college tuition measures and look to narrow down their educational facets. They would rather stick to all-day college at the end of the day as one can decipher that this would not help them much. Thus what can be deemed here as appropriate is that they should be given a proper chance to understand the basics of education by going through the rigors of the tuition system and for that the cost issues need to be adequately addressed in entirety. Having high prices of textbooks means that a college or a university is limiting the

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